Bachelor of Sciences and Technologies

Within the framework of the LMD system, the Department of Physics directs and participates in various courses of physics in the Bachelor of Sciences and Technologies of Lyon  (L1, L2 ou L3), in the different BSc degree programs and in the different majors of theses programs. For a Bachelors degree (BSc) in Physics there are three majors : Physics, Physics-Chemistry and Sciences de la Matière.

These are described below.

Major physics of the BSc in Physics (use the British flag)
Major physics-chemistry of the BSc in Physics (use the British flag)
Major sciences de la matière of the BSc in Physics (use the British flag)

In addition, a major within the group « Mathematics, Computer Science » entitled MPM (Maths-Physics-Mechanics) was set up in L1 and L2 years . It aims to combine courses in these three disciplines in the first two years of the BSc. In the third year (L3) the student will choose to complete a BSc in either Mathematics, Physics or Mechanics. (to know more (in French))

A professional Bachelor's degree in Nuclear Physics

A new professional Bachelor's degree (RD2), entitled « Radiological protection, Nuclear decommissioning, and Waste management: project manager » opened in September 2009.

This professional degree is opening in a scientific field particularly attractive in terms of employment.  Industrial partners play a key role, helping define program content as well as offering internships.  The degree is multidisciplinary, combining knowledge in Physics and in Chemistry.

In addition, the RD2 program offers the possibility of alternating studies and professional contracts.

Please visit the RD2 website and detailed program description.