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Start-Up NanoH : a success story of recognition and acknowledgement in research

on the July 16, 2014

Olivier Tillement and his research team at the Institut Lumière Matière have created three start-ups and filed some twenty patents these last ten years.

Olivier Tillement reported in the Lyon 1 electronic journal of UCBL:

“Consider as an example Nano H, a start-up created in 2004 based on an original patent.  Its initial goal was to develop small mineral particles for biological applications (for example to use in imaging, early diagnosis of certain diseases).  These particles were highly innovative, much too risky to be undertaken by a traditional company.  The start-up played the key role of allowing for scientific and technical maturation, with the goal of pushing beyond research and by its very existence of financing and maintaining industrial property …  essential when aiming to develop medicine.

Four years ago, six years after the start-up's creation, while continuing research on the subject, the team happened onto a non toxic particle that presented a unique effect of radio sensitivity, unpredicted by theory.  Since then, this discovery has been confirmed, justifying the process of commercial recognition ten years after the start-up’s creation.  The initial patent  has since been reinforced by three new ones as co-property between the start-up and the establishments.  Research efforts were reinforced and redirected toward a highly promising application of the future, with clinical trials beginning, we hope, in the near future." 

In order to develop the transfer of technologies and scientific know-how toward industries, public/private partners, service providers, CIFRE thesis and the creation of enterprises, the ILM has personally undertaken measures in conjunction with the Society of Acceleration and Transfer of Technologies (SATT) Lyon-St Etienne to promote awareness and recognition of the ILM researchers.  These measures benefit both the researchers and the institute.
Published on October 3, 2014