International Master’s

An important element of the Master of Physics is its international orientation with, in particular the presence of non French-speaking students.

In this spirit, six courses of the common curriculum will open each semester, alternating between English and French. Non French-speaking foreign students will be able to study French language courses. Within this international framework, non-French speakers will be able to follow the vast majority of courses in the first year of the Master in English while at the same time improving their French. French speaking students can be admitted into this program and choose to follow a significant number of courses in English. Those who do so will obtain an International Master of Physics degree. The same « international label » will apply to non French-speaking foreign students.

The desired goal is dual : by offering training to(admitting) students who do not speak French or do not speak it well we hope to attract students from a wider range of countries. It is also hoped that the « international label » will provide French student a supplementary training essential for their future professional activity, whether it be in research or any other scientific, technical or commercial field.