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Workshop "Pulsars et leur environnement"

from May 19, 2014 to May 21, 2014

This workshop will bring together three communities: Pulsars observers, observers of the Pulsars environment (supernovae remnant and pulsar wind nebular) as well as theorists modelling neutron stars and dynamic processes.

We are currently witnessing a proliferation of theoretical, observational and experimental results related to the physics of neutron stars and their environment. Datas are collected from x-ray and gamma-ray satellites, and radio astronomy, but also from nuclear physics and particle physics, including the experimental laboratories such as the CERN in Geneva and SPIRAL2 GANIL in Caen.

In this context, the workshop on "pulsars and their environment " is organized annually since 2009 in France. Actors in this physics are brought together to learn about the latest advances in a very informal setting. Plenary sessions are held with invited speakers, and this year special emphasis will be placed on the physics of X and gamma ray bursts. Parallel sessions also allow for more focussed discussions. 

This workshop focuses on both the physics of neutron stars, the equation of state of the dense to the macroscopic modeling of phenomena such as Glitches, cooling, etc ... as well as phenomena of X and gamma emission around these compact stars. We will discuss recent Fermi results on pulsar wind and the observations of supernova remnants.

The participation of students in master Physics is strongly encouraged. The first presentation of the workshop will also be a very general overview of the physics of the workshop, it will be accessible to a wide audience. There is no registration fee and participation is free.

However, it is desirable to register on the website.
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Published on April 8, 2014 Updated on April 16, 2014