Département de Physique de la Faculté des Sciences et Technologies, Lyon 1

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Part of the Université Claude Bernard Lyon1, the Department of Physics brings together the people (teachers, researchers, technical and administrative personnel, students) and the financial and material means involved in the development of research and teaching of physics at the university. 

The department includes four research laboratories sharing a common administrative and financial service under contractual agreement with Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 and the CNRS.

The Department of Physics provides training for student physicists and offers three undergraduate majors, six Master degrees (4 research oriented and 2 professional)  as well as preparation for the competitive exams for secondary school teaching in Physics. (CAPES and Agrégation) Its faculty members are involved in numerous undergraduate and graduate programs in collaboration with other departments at the University and the different engineering schools around Lyon within the framework, for example, of the Doctoral School of Physics and Astrophysics, the Doctoral School of Materials, or the Master of Sciences de la Matière.

Their teaching is constantly updated by the latest developments of research : the dual focus teaching-research, inherent in university activity, is a major preoccupation of the Department of Physics.


The Department's research teams are internationally known for their activities in various fields of physics : nuclear physics and particles, molecular spectroscopy and the physics of multicharged ions, the study of molecular aggregates and nanostructured materials, the physics of lasers and development of materials for optics, laser detection of atmospheric pollution, development of nanosources and nanotechnologies especially for electronic microscopy, the study of surfaces, interfaces and  forces of adhesion, near field microscopy, ...


The department laboratories carry out their research in close collaboration with organizations at the  local, regional (Rhone-Alpes Region) and national (CNRS, CEA, GANIL in Caen, ILL and ESRF in Grenoble) levels. Within the framework of international programs they work closely with numerous French and foreign laboratories, as well as international research institutions such as CERN.


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