A. M. Ampere Research Federation

Director : Michel BROYER

Assistant Director : Alain PEREZ

Secretary : Pascale GASMI

Tel : 04 26 23 71 28



University Claude Bernard Lyon 1

Ecole Normale Superièure de Lyon



The Andre Marie Ampere Research Federation (FRAMA 3127) includes five research groups in physics or astrophysics belonging to University Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (UCBL) and the Ecole Normale Supérièure de Lyon (ENSL), and associated with the MPPU Department of the CNRS (see list below). The federation currently has a staff of 540 people (385 full-time staff + 110 doctoral candidates + 35 postdocs + 10 others). Its objective is to support and coordinate common activities  through  9 Pluriformations Programs, listed below.

The Federation also coordinates applications for teaching/reseach positions principally at the full professor level.

It  contributes actively to the local scientific community by regularly organizing conferences, seminars, theme days...

The themes indicative of the research carried out in the Federation's partner laboratories are :

  • Molecules et biomolecules, Nano objets, materials, resistance, aging ....
  • Hydrodynamics - Complex Fluids  - Fluids at interfaces 
  • Optics, Lasers, Lasers ultra short et applications 
  • Physics at interfaces (Ex : Biology, Medecine, Biochemistry, Geophysics,  Mathematics, Signal processing,  Environment, ......)
  • Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics, Modeling, Cosmology
  • Fundamental Interactions, Subatomic Physics et Astroparticles

Michel Broyer : broyer@lasim.univ-lyon1.fr tel : +33(0)472448260
Alain Pérez : alain.perez@lpmcn.univ-lyon1.fr tel : +33(0)472448056

  Laboratories participation in the Federation

Team TitleHead
Ionic and Molecular Spectrometry Laboratory 
UMR 5579
BORDAS Christian
 Physics of Condensed Matter and Nanostructures Laboratory
U.M.R. 5586
BARRAT Jean-Louis
Nuclear Physics Institute of Lyon
UMR 5822
ILLE Bernard
Physics Laboratory of the ENS Lyon
UMR 5672
 Lyon Center of Astrophysical Research
UMR 5574






  Multidisciplinary Programs (PPF) - Shared Experimental Facilities

                 PPF : «Molecular Aggregates and Functional nanostructures »
Project Leader : A. PEREZ, DR CNRS (UCBL)
Participating Laboratories : LPMCN  UMR 5586, LASIM UMR 5579, (Catalysis Research Institute) Institut de Recherche sur la Catalyse (IRC) UPR CNRS n° 5401 

             PPF : «Nanoptec, Nano-optics Center»
Project Leader : P.F. BREVET, PR UCBL
Participating Laboratories : LPMCN  UMR 5586, LASIM UMR 5579, LPCML UMR 5620, (Nanosciences Institute of Lyon) Institut des Nanosciences de Lyon (resulting from the merger of  three laboratories) :LENAC EA 3780, LPM UMR 5511, LEOM UMR 5512) 
Institutions involved : UCBL, Ecole Centrale de Lyon (ECL), Institut National des Sciences Appliquées (INSA), CNRS

             PPF : «Forces faibles, Fluctuations hors équilibre, Nano-hydrodynamics»
Project Leader : L. BOCQUET, PR UCBL 
Participating Laboratories : LPMCN  UMR 5586, LPENSL UMR 5672

             PPF « Complex Flows : Tridimensional structures and Lagrangian dynamics »
Project Leader : M. LANCE, PR UCBL
Participating Laboratories : LPENS UMR 5672 and (Fluid Mechanics and Acoustics Laboratory) Laboratoire de Mécanique des Fluides et d'Acoustique (LMFA) UMR 5509
Institutions involved : Ecole Centrale de Lyon (ECL), ENSL, INPG (Grenoble) et UJF (Grenoble), CNRS

             PPF : «Dark Matter and Energy and Cosmology»
Project Leader : P. NEDELEC, PR UCBL
Participating Laboratories : CRAL UMR 5574, IPNL UMR 5822.

             PPF : «Radiation, Imaging and Oncology»
Project Leader : B. ILLE, DR CNRS
Participating Laboratories : IPNL UMR 5822, ( Laboratory of Computer Imaging and Information Systems) Laboratoire d'Informatique en Image et Systèmes d'Information (L2ISI) UMR 5205, (Research and Applications Center for Image and Signal Processing) Centre de Recherche et d'Applications en Traitement de l'Image et du Signal (CREATIS) UMR 5515, (Laboratory of Non-Destructive Control by Ionizing Radiation)Laboratoire Contrôle Non destructif par Rayonnement Ionisants (CNDRI) EA 459

             PPF : « Experimenting under extreme conditions : Nanomaterials  and Minerals »
Project Leader : A. SAN MIGUEL PR UCBL
Participating Laboratories : LPMCN  UMR 5586, (Earth Sciences Laboratory)Laboratoire des Sciences de la Terre (ENSL, UCBL, CNRS) (LST) UMR 5570
Institutions involved : UCBL et ENSL, CNRS, INSERM
            PPF : «Resolution and Conformational Control by Ionic Mobility and Laser: a new dimensio in the functional and structural study of proteins »
Project Leader : J. LEMOINE, PR UCBL
Participating Laboratories : (Analytical Sciences Unit)Unité des sciences analytiques UMR 5180, LASIM UMR 5579, (Cell and Molecular Genetics Center) Centre de Génétique Moléculaire et Cellulaire UMR 5534
(Supported by the Federations of Physics and Chemistry) Soutenu par les Fédérations de Physique et de Chimie

             PPF : «Scientific Preparation and Execution Using the MUSE instrument for the VLT»
Project Leader : R. BACON, DR CNRS
Participating Laboratories : CRAL UMR 5574

  Other shared experimental facilities

The Federation is also associated with the shared experimental facilities of  the Institute of Chemistry de Lyon (ILC), in particular the Center of Optical Microspectrometry (CECOMO) and in the near future SQUID